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#1 Social messaging and lifestyle app

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The "Super App" in China

As the most popular "Super App" in China and part of its parent company Tencent's cyber influence in China, WeChat has completely reshaped a Chinese citizen's day-to-day life and works across almost every aspect.


How WeChat Business is Structured in a Nutshell

With its establishment in China and across the wider global Chinese community, WeChat has already become a must for digital content marketing, digital advertisement, mobile e-commerce and even more.

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Our Services

WeChat account setup, design & certification

WeChat advertisement account setup & managed insertion

WeChat account operations management & contents production

WeChat Pay merchant setup for RMB to USD/EUR, and more.

WeChat Social CRM (SCRM)

Business WeChat Mini Program development (hosted on Tencent Cloud)

WeChat Platform Highlights
WeChat Account

The pivotal Digital Infrastructure for every business in China and the global Chinese community

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WeChat Pay

Launched in 2015, it is now the No.1 mobile payment infrastructure in China

WeChat Account + Contents Ops

A must-have for businesses today in the Chinese community and the original source of private traffic

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WeChat Cards & Offers

The new generation of loyalty and acquisition programs between a business and its consumers

WeChat Mini Program

The app-in-app innovation platform with flexible customization for any specific mobile business scenario

WeChat Advertising

The No.1 mobile ads platform in China, one of the two engines of Tencent’s Ads business, and one of the largest revenues for Tencent

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