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WeChat Ecosystem Services

WeChat GO Co-Branded SIM Card

TRL's WeChat GO Co-Branded SIM Card solution empowers Telcos to leverage more business synergies with WeChat potential for the Chinese tourists. The Telco + WeChat VAS (Value-Added Service) Platform offers standard and flexible future extensions.

A Rough Telco + WeChat Go Co-branded SIM Card High-level Services Architecture 

Values to Mobile Telcos

Pre-defined Telco and WeChat VAS services can be automatically initiated at a Co-branded SIM card activation

timg (1).jpg

WeChat Accounts can be set with and supported with a “One-button” refill option for the WeChat GO Co-Branded SIM + WeChat Pay after the existing package expires


A WeChat Mini Program-based official store can be developed for a Telco to support mobile products / packages purchases

timg (2).jpg

Local visa services and country entry / customs notice / tax refund services can be set up and integrated in a Telco’s WeChat Account for E2E service

Tickets, catering, restaurants, hotels, and more can be jointly supported by local travel agency services from China as Telco’s one-stop service in WeChat for Co-Branded SIM Card users


Tencent’s contents, gaming, and entertainment in a local Telco service or from China can be leveraged and enabled with IP and license support from Telco + Tencent in a specific country

 Suitable To

Digital Network Cables



Network Hub and Cable

Leading E-com Marketplace with Mobile Wireless Service License



TELUS & WeChat GO Co-branded SIM Card Solution (for North America):


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Smart Axiata & WeChat GO Co-branded SIM Card Solution (for Cambodia):


Discover our WeChat/WeChat Go Solution (the all-in-one VAS portal for global Chinese customers) to FT Orange (France) here

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