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Cross-Border SCRM / WeChat CRM


Chinese tourists base in rise and rise

More than 160 million Chinese tourists ventured from mainland China in 2018 to discover the world both in groups and on their own. And because of this, for the first time since 2012, new opportunities are emerging for revenues and profits in airlines, telcos, car rentals, travel retail, hotels and accomodations, local entertainment, and shopping and outlet centers .

Sources: 2019 The World Bank, United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), China National Bureau of Statistics 


Sources: Trading Economics, World Bank Group, The Economics Intelligence Unit 

Sources: United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), US Tourism Association, National Travel and Tourism Office (NTTO), China National Bureau of Statistics


How to attract, convert and maintain a full digital cycle before and during the next wave of Chinese tourists

Although the world economy—particularly businesses related to international travel—have been hurt by the COVID-19 pandemic, many of our clients are still optimistic that business will bounce back when borders reopen, and Chinese tourism will pick up once again.


Solution Highlights

TRL's WeChat SCRM system (supporting both domestic and Cross-border/Travel Retail business) solution empowers domestic brands / retailers, as well as Travel Retail / duty free businesses to sell more to Chinese customers and tourists.

Smart marketing to members awareness and share in WeChat Moments

Customer profiling in cross-border CRM and behaviors analysis

Customer coupons for higher conversion before entering and while in store

Smart marketing to keep and activate customers

Increase in-store customers

WeChat Store shopping + Cross-Border E-com logistics to China

TRL's WeChat SCRM system supports both SaaS model "Pay-as-you-go" services and independent version customized deployment for our clients. 


Cross-border SCRM Solution Methodology


TRL's WeChat SCRM Marketing Automation Process


TRL's WeChat SCRM + Smart Marketing Feautures


Customer Profiling

360 degrees of profiling data insights to better understand customers


Precision Marketing

Precision messaging at the right time to specific customers


Digital Empowering

Empower brick-and-mortar stores to digitally engage with customers


Dashboard Analytics

Cross-Border Omni-channel marketing for conversion performance 

360 degrees profiling to data insights to understand customers


Tagging System

Find the right customer with diverse tag combinations


Sales Leads Scoring

Nurture customer leads using Cross-Border Omni-channel

Empower brick-and-mortar stores to digitally engage with customers


Data Reporting

Marketing performance reporting from customer leads to conversion


WeChat Seamless Integration

SCRM solution supporting Cross-Border businesses on WeChat

TRL's WeChat SCRM System Highlights

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