Private TCE (Tencent Cloud Engine) 

How TCE comes into the world

In 2019, Tencent launched a new, flexible, scalable enterprise-level private cloud solution named TCE (Tencent Cloud Engine). They leveraged their decades of experience serving billions of consumers and operating its own social networks, games, livestreaming, and digital advertisements, and covering a wide array of industries and enterprises businesses across finance, retail, digital media, education, to develop this new solution. TCE is the ideal digital transformation platform for today's big organizations and multinational companies, helping   business revolutionize existing services, and upgrade new services more efficiently as they launch to market.

The next-generation digital brain for enterprises

TCE serves as the next-generation “digital brain” for organizations with extended and innovative services, and new offerings to its clients as part of the execution and implementation platform of the digital transformation strategy.

Private TCE Solution Highlights


Private TCE lets businesses leverage the latest technologies of Tencent Cloud in a private digital full-stack infrastructure implementation from IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) to PaaS (Platform as a Service) layer, as well as optional licensed applications and SaaS services relevant to the best practices from Tencent Cloud that pertain to the client's specific industry from day one of service. 

Best private entity of Tencent Cloud leveraged

Start with minimum CVM hardware + Elastic design and expansion supported + On demand customization + Full-stack IT services available + Smart expertise in big data and AI + Cutting-edge industry PaaS + business specific SaaS applications in a direct access with Tencent's best and the latest business practices

 Digital Transformation  with TCE + X Industry = New Industries & Businesses

TCE + Finance & Banking + WeChat Ecosystem (Optional)  => New Consumer Services

Tencent Cloud / TCE + Omni-Retail + WeChat Ecosystem (Optional) => New Consumer Services

Tencent Cloud / TCE + Mobility + WeChat Ecosystem (Optional) => New Consumer Services

Tencent Cloud / TCE + Healthcare + WeChat Ecosystem (Optional) => New Consumer Services


TCE Showcases

Tencent works  with many well-known clients in Asia and worldwide with private TCE deployments and providing technology upgrades for Fortune 500 clients, including:

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