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Tencent  Solutions

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Tencent Cloud Highlights


The fastest-growing Public Cloud services provider, and leading Digital Transformation solution platform provider worldwide since the 2016


Best-in-class among global Public Cloud services providers for e-commerce, gaming, entertainment, fintech, Chinese community mobile marketing and cross-platforms digital Ads.

The most cutting-edge in Cloud technologies but also the most cost-effective Public Cloud service provider

Tencent Cloud

Since launching its Public Cloud services in 2014, Tencent Cloud has been widely recognized by the  industry as well as by leading research organizations like FORRESTER, IDC, and more. 


Tencent Cloud Key Scenarios

Tencent Cloud empowers technology businesses in China and worldwide, providing a digital infrastructure stepping stone using these service approaches:

Technology Highlights in a Nutshell

(Please note due to rapid fast growth and technology iterations the information below may not be the latest up to date. The technology highlights below are based on 2020Q1)

Tencent Cloud Products & Solutions Portfolio


Tencent Cloud Big Data & AI Product Matrix


Tencent Cloud AI Chatbot SaaS Service / Independent Deployable

Tencent Cloud Video / Livestreaming Services Highlights

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Tencent Cloud Game Multimedia Engine (GME)

Tencent Cloud AI+Big Data Platform Solutions Highlights


Tencent Business Intelligence (TBI) & Dashboard Analytics

Tencent RayData Integrated Live Management & Visualization


Regions and Service Zones across the Globe (till 2020Q2)


Tencent Cloud Technologies Highlights - Computing

Tencent Cloud Technologies Highlights - Storage & CDN


Tencent Cloud Technologies Highlights - Database


Tencent Cloud Technologies Highlights - Service Reliability


Tencent Public Cloud Standard Listing Price (SLP)

Tencent Cloud has provided cutting-edge cloud computing products and technologies, as well as fast iterations with premium services and reliability, across the global. Tencent Cloud Standard Listing Price (SLP) is the most cost-effective solution worldwide among all the Public Cloud service providers.

All SLP supports "Pay-as-you-go" services . (Pay-as-you-go with no upfront fees, purchase and release resources as needed, and scale expanding based on a client's business size.)


TRL offers our clients more with premium value and cashback - starting from any purchase of Tencent Cloud products and services.

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