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Tencent Solutions

"Tech for Good."

As one of the most respected internet and digital technologies power houses from China today, with the No.1 capitalized value listed in Hong Kong stock exchange, Tencent is probably the most "unknown" tech giant worldwide but actually already with 2 decades+ thriveness since the 1998 and listed in Hong Kong since the 2004. 


A Rapid Rise in 22 Years

Tencent dominates social network (including WeChat), gaming, entertainments, mobile payments (WeChat Pay), cutting-edge cloud services (Tencent Cloud), high-technologies industries investments, and many more cyber market sectors in China. Tencent has also expanded rapidly in Asia since 2013 with a portfolio of strategically invested partners, including SEA/Shopee in Southeast Asia.


An Apples-to-Apples Comparison

Tencent is widely recognized in China for its rich innovations and superfast response to market changes over the past two decades, particularly around digital consumers businesses. This estimated apples-to-apples comparison of Tencent and its invested businesses in China vs. worldwide popular mobile Apps in 2019 to reflects this powerhouse's influence on a Chinese consumers’ day-to- to day life and work.


Tencent Solutions and the B2B Empowerment Strategy

Tencent continually undergoes internal transformation, and because of this "Tencent Solutions" has become a new domain for the next decade of strategic growth based on today's scale and influence. In 2018, Pony Ma, Chairman and CEO of Tencent led the transformation strategy that resulted in the birth of "Tencent Solutions" as a new B2B arm of its mainstream offerings. The transformation is ongoing and moving towards a new vision of "Tech for Good" as well as more B2B solutions that empower industries by leveraging Tencent's past two decades B2C mainstream businesses.


Tencent's Globalization Strategy

Tencent’s globalization strategy highly engages with those domains where Tencent’s ABCD (AI, Blockchain, Cloud, big Data) works.


Web Service + E-com


Video + Livebroadcasting


Game + Entertainment + Media

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WeChat Ecosystem + Chinese Community Digital Marketing & Ads Business


Licensed IP Purchase


ABCD (AI + Blockchain + Cloud + big Data) Relevant Tech Businesses and Startups

Tencent Solutions

TRL has been a strategic partner of Tencent since the start of Tencent Solutions and key account of business development to the overseas market.

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As the strategic partner of Tencent Solutions for the international market, TRL offers these three types of services and solutions for our clients worldwide across Retail / Telco / Media and Healthcare sectors.

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