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Realize Your New Potential

Telecom operators have to embrace new innovations like 5G, AI, IoT and appropriate but strategic ways to offload network data to the cloud and leverage existing and future operations for long-term success to stay competitive.


Strategic actions now mean greater success going forward. TRL Telecom offers premium solutions to help you succeed.

What if network data traffic offloading to public cloud as a long-term strategy means to a Telecom business?

The "all-in-one" Value-Added Services (VAS) portal to develop the global Chinese business potential after 2020.

Telco's offering of private brand IoT products and Smart Home solutions from a concept to commercial

Telco's private brand platform with re-sellable livestreaming services for enterprises and consumers

A vital but elastic backup plan against rocketing traffic during unprecedented times offering re-selling and improved discounts 

Telco's private brand re-sellable service for merchants collecting RMB payments to improve the Chinese consumer experience

Flexible and extendable mobile services access via the one-stop "VAS platform" to reach more than 1.2 billion Chinese users

A simple solution to engage with, convert and retain higher-ARPU Chinese customers using WeChat

Discover our WeChat/WeChat Go Solution (the all-in-one VAS portal for global Chinese customers) to FT Orange (France) here

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