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Discover Our Partners Program

TRL is radically open and transparent to any interesting digital solutions and sales channel partners either with unique selling points or deep insights and industries experiences and network across Retail / Telco / Media / Healthcare from China and worldwide, particularly around the US / UK / EU / Australia / Japan.


Become a Sales Partner

If your business or yourself have deep industries insights, consulting experiences and wide network across Retail / Telco / Media / Healthcare sectors with interests of TRL Solutions, particularly from the US / UK / EU / Australia / Japan market, please contact us.

Become a Solution Partner

If your business offers fascinating Enterprise Innovations across any industry of Retail / Telco / Media / Healthcare and looking for China Market Entry & Growth, or if you are digital Enterprise Innovations business from any of the 4 x industries in China but looking for a trusted partner to develop the world market, particularly around the US / UK / EU / Australia / Japan, please contact us. 

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Our Partners 

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