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More.Shop Wholesale

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About More.Shop

More.Shop is TRL's e-commerce supply chain platform, supplying quality products at manufacturer prices with MoQ (Minimum of Quantity) of 1 piece to ship worldwide from China with full tracking.

Our Clients

Store Front

Brick-and-mortar SME retailers, gyms, hotels, restaurants, and suppliers of bulk purchase home consumables 

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Online merchants with stores across marketplaces (e.g.,  Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc.) in need of a flexible solution for on demand bulk wholesale products from China with E2E supply chain to last-mile logistics services

Computer Tutorials

Vertical e-tailers sourcing from China that want to expand their products listing in an efficient way via API integration and data exchange

Movers Carrying Packages

Any distributors and traders at interests

Typical Flow

Pick one or more products from More.Shop in small quantity for a small parcel service pilot test with payment via PayPal (the default settings on More.Shop). We recommend DHL for the pilot order as long as the shipping weight is less than 20kg

Once the first bulk order is received, choose DHL Express, airfreight shipping, or fast seafreight shipping in future orders to the given address on More.Shop. (Note that fast seafreight shipping requires an order > 20kg.)

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we recommend using fast seafreight shipping from China considering the logistics cost efficiency to a bulk order: it is typically received 30 days from the ordering day

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Our Vision

More.Shop visions to be the next-generation one-stop integrated supply chain platform solution for global e-tailers/retailers/traders, and more to source unlimited quality products from China, and eventually worldwide, with your local logistics services.

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