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Digital transformation has been a hot topic across industries worldwide, in part due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which is driving change to conventional business operations, and transforming strategies for success.


The truth about digital transformation

Digital transformation is NOT a single or one-off digital "solution“—it is a fundamental change to how a business runs internally as well as externally. Digital transformation impacts digital facilities,  systems, tools, and expertise, and helps companies integrate both strategic concepts and concrete practices for future success. 

When a company faces stagnant growth or a decline in business, digital transformation can help navigate the dynamic market to connect with new customers and re-engage with existing ones. Digital transformation is essential for long-term strategic evolution as well as current business practices. 

Digital transformation starts with leadership

Digital transformation doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does have to have long-term strategic implications.

Successful digital transformation initiatives start with the organization’s vision. It has to include a plan for leadership, new digital facilities, new platforms, and a system to introduce and integrate these tools into the current processes to best understand how digital transformation will impact legacy business structures.


It is always a CEO/Firsthand program

Digital transformation means being radically bold, and daring to do. With a clear vision and roadmap forward, digital strategy provides progressive new growth, new revenue streams, and improved customer satisfaction, and will foster confidence throughout your organization. By strategizing both simple and complex phases, defining performance indicators, and achieving milestones, digital transformation relieves pain points of implementing new strategies and provides a way forward to new targets.

Our Methodology

From Strategy to Implementation

We believe that transformation/modernization needs in a business today require different types of expertise and thorough pre-communication and joint understanding around one strategy before any specific implementation planning to happen.

Assess as-it-is readiness 

We help international and localized businesses in China interested in developing their business in the China market make the most of the latest technologies, platforms, digital tools and solutions available to assess their readiness before initiating a systematic execution of digital implementation and transformation. We assess relevant key factors that are essential to sustained impact in transformation/modernization or new business expansion to new growth activities. This process helps us identify our clients’ current readiness and gaps in strategy and execution capabilities before defining a tailored roadmap for managing change and sustaining it  forward.

Upskill existing capabilities

Our transformation implementation process brings decades of cross-culture and cross-industry experiences across retail/e-commerce/telecom, and more. This is particularly relevant in Greater China, with a track record of driving change or new products/business launched in complex organizations. Our exceptional leaders from the TRL Digital Board and our implementation team coach clients, conduct virtual and on-site observations as necessary, rollout performance management advice to hands-on practices, and build capabilities that enable a step change in revenue growth and business performance.

Navigate transition to business-as-usual

We help our clients ramp up new operations methodology and skills at expanding new business stream/into China market safely and effectively. Using our tailor-made offering and solution for each different client, we combine hands-on coaching and remote support whilst delivery process. Our delivery team and ad-hoc consultants also help clients navigate the pandemic to transition safely with advice and training smoothly of new business operations in such "Build-Transfer (BT)" or "Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT)" paths to enable our clients' new but successful business-as-usual.

TRL Digital Board Expertise 


TRL understands the pain of a legacy business that is suffering stagnancy or is in decline from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as other accelerated external challenges that are driving companies toward a digital business. TRL also understands the pros and cons of initiating a digital transformation program to your business today.

Our Digital Board is composed of a battalion multinational digital executives and leaders from companies such as BMW, Mitsubishi Corp, Huawei, Accenture, OTTO, Clarins, McCANN, isobar, and more. 


With their experience and understanding of business system integration with long-term strategic insights across telco, media, retail, healthcare, the TRL Digital Board and our implementation team have been supporting our clients with digital transformation strategies and programs to help them through different challenges.

Our Digital Transformation implementation, core infrastructure and system integration partners also include:


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