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A Market with Ongoing Digital Revolution

The digital technologies business landscape in China has been highly dynamic over the past two decades. It has been challenging, but the need for conventional businesses to adapt to the digital revolution has happened fast, and it will only continue to gain speed in the coming decade.

Technology has evolved from “old fashioned” mobile HTML5 websites to the mobile app boom, and now the more recent WeChat Mini Program. Tech giants like Tencent (the parent company of WeChat), Alibaba, ByteDance (parent company of Tiktok) have sparked this rush of growth.

Ever Dynamic Marketing & E-com Innovations

Before 2018, the online digital offerings and diversity of traffic to operations in China changed every 6 to 12 months. That cycle has become even shorter, and is likely to continue into the next decade. 

This trend has impacted consumers from higher-tier cities to lower-tier cities since 2012, and extended to towns and villages, penetrating into their day-to-day life and digital behaviors, and becoming a new way of life since 2018. AI and big data have provided a wider and deeper penetration in China, and keep the technology giants innovating.

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The TRL Way to Align with Dynamics in China

TRL's China Digital Infrastructure Setup to Go package solutions on demand provide our clients with an up-to-date offering from basic setup to long-term managed operations and value-added services.

We enable and empower our clients to expose their products, services, and business offerings to the China market in an efficient and cost-effective way, starting with a clear strategy as well as ongoing advisory services from day one of the partnership.

Our Services

China Official PC/Mobile HTML5 Website Design, Development & Maintenance

Search Engine Optimization & Maintenance (SEO/SEM)

China E-com (PC/Mobile HTML5/

App/WeChat Mini Program) Infrastructure Setup & Managed Operations

Cloud Hosting Setup & Maintenance (over Tencent Cloud)

Digital Branding & Design

Domestic RMB Payment Collection

Social Network Enterprise Account (WeChat/Weibo/Douyin) Setup & Certification

Digital Marketing via WeChat/

Weibo/Douyin + KOLs

Cross-border RMB Payment Collection

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