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B2B Partnership Development

B2B partnerships that align with digital infrastructure operations take your business to the next level with high-quality efficiency.

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China B2B Partnership Potential

Whether you offer products, services, or technology solutions to China, if you have an existing online business and mature offerings one thing is for sure: there are influential and leading business platforms in China already in your space. But with niche potential partner platforms, can help improve your business ventures into the China market from the start.

B2B Partnerships to leverage higher growth efficiency

The digital and technology industries in China today is completely different than it was two decades ago, independent of direct or indirect government relationships when looking for new business. 


Today’s it is more critical than ever to be digitally savvy, and understand which digital business platforms will provide higher strategic partnership engagement planning and selection. This perspective is of particularly important for Internet and  technology platforms with growth potential across Retail, Media and Healthcare, and more.

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TRL at Hand to Lead China B2B Development

Like anywhere in the world, B2B partnerships always require a clear strategy, ongoing continuous two-way communications (with the B2B partnership prospects platforms

as well as our clients also in the daily business operations), engaged connection, commercial and partnership developments activities, commercial strategy and contract negotiations, of course, patience, and a little bit of luck. 

Dive into the Fast Lane of your China Business

When your business finds a B2B platform partner who is looking for services/products/solutions from overseas that your offer, it can put you in the fast lane to th China market with existing, and possibly immediate, targeted traffic to your site. It’s a win-win for all involved.

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Our Services

China B2B partnership development activities can work in complement to other China business inbound efforts with the maximum synergy if you are working with TRL on your entry into the China market. 

Discover more about the latest dynamics from/to China at TRL Insights & Express.

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B2B partnership strategy analysis

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B2B contract business development and local commercial negotiation (lead by TRL)

Looking over the campaign

Account management and support once a B2B partnership established


System integration requirements and API integration to a B2B partner's system


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