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Amazon Go-like Cashier-Free Store

"Amazon Go" alike Cashier-free Store

TRL’s Amazon Go-like Cashier-Free Store solution is a cutting-edge AI-based Smart Retail implementation. As the next-generation digital store platform, these "smart factors" and dashboard analytics are seamlessly integrated:

  • Smart Store Visibility +

  • Smart Shelf Management +

  • Smart SKU Learning +

  • Smart Cashier Process +

  • Smart In-Store Thermal Trace +

  • Smart Mobile App Management

Suitable To

With proven practices across Japan (as NTT Data's Private Brand solution demonstrated in the video), Korea, Singapore and mainland China, TRL supports the standard Amazon Go-like Cashier-Free Store with a standard kit as well as on-demand customization, aimed to empower brick-and-mortar retailers worldwide to modernize their legacy stores with strategic localized practices.