Your Private Solutions to China Retail

We help businesses market and sell to China via WeChat, Cross-Border E-commerce & More

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Our Services
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China Retail Consulting

From Cross-border E-commerce to As-it-is refresh, from WeChat-based Smart Retail to Hainan Duty Free, and even more

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Chinese Websites +

Create your Chinese Websites without/with E-commerce including search engine optimization(SEO) & more

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WeChat Account & Store + 

Create your own WeChat account, WeChat store, WeChat Contents, with WeChat payment

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Cross-Border E-Commerce +

Selling to China via Chinese websites, WeChat store, marketplaces & more, always with ongoing operations advice 

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Chinese Content Operations & PR

Create & distribute Chinese contents to sell more across WeChat, Weibo, RED, Baidu, Zhihu, TikTok, and so much more

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Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise

Make the most of policy bonus to a foreign business but act as a local